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Innovative Concrete Mixing Equipment

Since our inception, CARMIX has maintained its commitment to revolutionising the industry by providing efficient concrete mixers that offer special features not commonly found in other concrete mixers and equipment. CARMIX is a global leader for certified underground mine cement mix trucks.

Our extensive selection of quality concrete mixing equipment includes

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Our Benefits

Our versatile, cost effective solutions offer a number of benefits:

Easy to use and operate

Extremely reliable and durable
Lower operating and maintenance costs
Can handle all weather conditions and terrains
Delivers concrete on demand, thereby eliminating waste

Which Model is Right for Your Needs?

Each concrete mixer has its own unique benefits, so it is important to speak with us to determine which solution is right for your situation. Our knowledgeable experts can work with you to discuss your needs, project specifications, and budget constraints. Depending on which unit you choose, your system may be able to offer the following benefits and services, which are not found in a standard mixer:

  • The mix is stopped if it is too dry
  • Optional high pressure washer included with the unit to quickly, efficiently clean the system
  • State-of-the-art scale to help save time and money

No overtime charges, no delivery charges, and no minimum orders!