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About us

“In Good Times You Must Have a Carmix! In Dire Times You Have To Have a Carmix! And Always Be Prosperous!”

CARMIX is a Revolutionary Way of Producing Concrete

CARMIX was brought to North America after a small company found that transporting concrete to remote locations was becoming too costly and ineffective to the customer and wait times for readymix was an inconvenience to builders who were ahead of schedule.

We began searching for a mobilized way of producing high quality concrete on demand, a way that readymix trucks were unable to do with convenience, ease and efficiency. Thus, the discovery of CARMIX.

Expanding Our Reach in the Industry

Paramount Construction, located in Northeastern Ontario, has over 30 years of experience in the concrete industry. Since partnering Paramount Construction with CARMIX in 2005, we have been able to expand our service area and complete contracts in remote locations where it would be nearly impossible to produce and pour high quality, engineered concrete.

Carmix Purchase Is Right For You

Till date, Paramount Construction has successfully completed over 300 high quality foundations in both the residential and commercial sector with the use of CARMIX.

With the experience we have gained from testing, using, and discovering the possibilities of CARMIX on a daily basis, we are confident that we can ensure that your CARMIX purchase will be the right one for you.

Order a concrete mixer and save labour and reduce labour intensity.